What is yoga?

Yoga is not just a workout!

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and has now widely spread in our Western Society. It follows a systematic system designed to unite the mind with the body and the emotions. Regular practice will help to make you physically fitter and supple, mentally more alert and emotionally more stable and confident. The aim is to calm the mind, open the heart and stimulate our own spiritual evolution.

It is praised for its ability to reduce stress. When there is stress, the body tightens up. Tension blocks off the energy flow.

In yoga, we use the postures and the breath to learn to open every constricted area of the body and the mind. It helps to release tension and therefore the body relaxes, the mind becomes calmer.

When the mind is less busy, negative feelings such as anxiety, fear and anger melt away. The mind begins to open up to things such as patience, acceptance and compassion.

Yoga is healing. It is not about getting poses perfect, it is about being sensitive to your own body and quiet enough to hear your own inner voice.

But you must stay within your physical limitations. Listen to your body, honour its message. You will only grow and heal if you listen to your inner teacher.

Accept yourself just as you are!