I have found Cathy’s classes fantastic. I had never done any yoga before and was nervous about hurting myself, getting into those strange positions. She starts each position by demonstration and it looks like I could never get my body to do that. But then, she takes you step by step into it and because it’s done correctly, you’d be amazed at what you can do. She also shows us various levels at which each position can be done so you never take it too far and can each develop at your own pace, even though there are a number of us in the class and we all have our own levels of ability
David Aarons

This is a wonderful energetic yet peaceful class. Cathy is a lovely teacher, extremely experienced and patient so whether you are a beginner, like me or have experience, it really caters for all. It s hard work but injected with humour all the way so it’s fun too! My favourite part has to be though the calming meditation at the end of the class as after a stressful day at work, it is the perfect way to unwind!

An invigorating, yet calming class with a touch of light-hearted humour and a lovely French accent to send you into a deep relaxation at the end! A great way to de-stress and cleanse the mind and body after a long day

I have enjoyed yoga for over 15 years and have attended Cathy’s superb classes for the last five of these. I find yoga invaluable – it gives me a little time to myself, keeps me flexible, builds strength and helps keep life’s ups and downs in perspective. Cathy’s classes are a ‘must make’ appointment in my diary!
Nicola Ryall, Marketing Consultant and mother of 5 children